PFC provides professional contracting in refurbishment and maintenance. PFC uses the latest art of technology for troubleshooting and preventing, repairing any problems.

PFC is actively involved in structural bonding and grouting, using bonding elements in many different areas of construction and building, as well as industrial & manufacturing applications.

PFC’s uses a wide range of solutions like fluid cement and Synthetic resin mortars, which are poured or injected, used for fixing pre-cast elements together or filling of voids under machine bases and base-plates, and filling small gaps and hollow spaces and also protect pre-stressed cables in ducts and permanent anchors.


Application Solution
Structural Adhesive for Concrete and Steel

Epoxy based adhesives for the structural bonding of concrete, steel, glass, stone, wood and other materials

Grouting Mortars

Shrinkage compensated cement based grout with very good workability, mechanical strengths and application properties.
Grouts based on epoxy resins, with no shrinkage, highly durable and excellent mechanical strengths.

Cable Grout

Cable grout for grouting post tensioning ducts.