PFC has extensive experience in providing flooring and coating solutions. PFC’s solutions fulfil a wide range of applications for its customers, like Industrial floors with mechanical and chemical resistance, clean room applications, commercial and residential floors with aesthetic and low VOC emission requirements

PFC’s flooring and coating solutions are based on technologies like Epoxy, PUR & PMMA resins, covering all types of requirement for industrial & commercial applications. PFC’s also has expertise in providing ESD flooring technologies for ESD critical locations like electronics manufacturing, in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, ordnance manufacture and storage.


Application Solution
Warehousing, Retail Logistics & Sales Are Water dispersed epoxy based floor coatings for smooth floors
Production & Processing Polyurethane and cement combination for high wear , chemical resistant and hygienic surfaces.
Cleanroom Environment Epoxy based floor coating with low VOC for high wear and chemical resistance.
ESD  Area Epoxy based, anti-static floors (ESD) with high wear and abrasion resistance.
Multi-storey and Underground Car Parks Epoxy based, slip resistant wearing surfaces with highly abrasion and impact resistance.
Wall Coatings Solutions for surfaces with minimal VOC or particle emission. Fungicidal, for surfaces with high humidity.