PFC has extensive experience in joint sealing solutions for buildings and civil engineering structures. PFC uses joint sealing products from leading manufacturers of elastic joint sealants and expansion joint systems especially designed for the commercial construction industry.

PFC’s uses a wide range of joint sealing solutions from suppliers recognized as global market and technology leaders in elastic Polyurethane (PU) sealants including PU- Hybrid (AT), silicone and acrylics with ancillary products such as primers and cleaning agents.


Application Solution
Industrial and Commercial Floor Joints

Component PU sealant with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance for all kind of floor joints.

Facade Joints

PU sealants for high-level movement joints in facades and joints between precast concrete elements.
Elastic EPDM membrane system to seal around windows and cladding connection joints, especially for ventilated curtain facades.

Sanitary and Wet Room Joints

Sealant based on silicone for joints in wet rooms and around sanitary ware.

Joints for Interior Finishing

Acrylic sealant for interior finishing of non-movement joints and cracks